Do everyone a favor

Chronicle Staff

Fourth quarter of senior year has arrived, and many of us have let out our parachutes. Gliding through the last few weeks before graduation, we have the luxury of attending our classes without stressing about our grades. While a moderate amount of slacking is acceptable and even expected, we still have the responsibility to continue to learn, particularly in Advanced Placement classes.
You may be wondering why APs matter. After all, we have already settled our college plans and the test scores do not count for our grade in class. Refusing to study is selfish. AP tests have a significant impact on our faculty, our school’s reputation and ourselves.

Teachers of AP classes spend months working tirelessly to cover entire curricula and to prepare their students for the exam at the culmination of their courses. These tests are not only a measure of the student’s proficiency in a subject, but they also act as an indirect gauge of the instructor’s ability to teach the concepts of the course.
So if a student refuses to crack open a textbook or put any effort into his or her classes, the resulting scores on the exam could reflect poorly on the teacher as well as the student. An entire year’s worth of teaching effort can be rendered null by just a few weeks of “senioritis.” Our school’s consistently positive reputation in part depends on the scores of AP tests because they demonstrate how we compare academically to other schools on a standardized national scale.

In the college process, this reputation enables admissions staffs recognize the academic rigor of classes students take and ultimately helps seniors get into some of the best colleges in the country.
Enough low scores on APs at the hands of apathetic seniors could tarnish our school’s reputation, preventing future generations of Harvard-Westlake students from enjoying the benefits of a positive reputation. Even if high AP scores do not grant you course credit or exempt you from introductory classes in college, putting forth your best effort in AP courses has an intrinsic value.
Studying subjects at the AP level while still in high school can give you an in college courses and prepare you for the academic challenges you will face in years to come.

Do yourself a favor. Do your school a favor. Stay studious for just a few more weeks.