New recycling initiative introduced


Students sit amidst the littered tables of the quad. Credit Caitlin Chung/ Chronicle

Caitlin Chung

The school added 109 recycling bins around campus as a part of the Environmental Club’s initiative to create a greener, more environmentally friendly campus.

The new recycling initiative aims to lower waste consumption.

“Having a comprehensive recycling program at Harvard-Westlake will not only motivate students to engage in good waste disposal practices, but will make environmental education an integrated part of their experience,” club leader Sonya Ribner ’19 said.

As the school’s new waste company does not sort any of the school’s recyclable materials, the school must now pre-sort all of its waste, science teacher and Environmental Club advisor Nadine Eisenkolb said.

Each classroom now contains a recycling bin for clean paper, with students disposing of with other recyclable materials in containers outside of the classroom. The paper collected will be picked up each week by appointed school service students, similar to the system at the Middle School. Eisenkolb said that by separating the recyclable materials and offering more bins, the school can at least double its recycling efforts.

Club member Anja Clark ’19 said she hopes the new effort will cause students to become more aware.

“I want to achieve a new level of understanding among the community of protecting the environment,” Clark said.