Students attend WLSA conference in Jeju

Sarah Healy

Students traveled to Jeju Island, South Korea to attend the World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) Conference and engaged in cultural activities and workshops.

The school was a founding member of WLSA, Director of Kutler Center and Summer Programs Jim Patterson said. The organization brings students together from all around the world to discuss timely topics and participate in cultural activities.

“I not only made friends with students from abroad, such as South Africa, China and Korea, but I also was able to hear the various perspectives on the Human Condition issue,” Anthony Khaiat ’19 said.

Students took part in interactive leadership activities such as the BUILD model, an entrepreneurial leadership tool. The keynote speakers, Tanatsei Gambura, Zena Edosomwan and the Holistic Life Foundation, delivered speeches to the students about finding oneself.

“I’ve been taught to keep an open mind to people’s different situations, but people around the world are more similar than you think,” Penelope Juarez ’21 said.

Elected WLSA student council members Khaiat and Chronicle Assistant Photo Editor Caitlin Chung ’20 will work with others to plan for the next conference in 2020.