New and improved audio-visual system to be implemented this year

Chloe Schaeffer

The technology department introduced a new audio-visual projector system over the summer. Installed in every classroom and conference room, the projector systems will help to simplify the presentation of information, IT Director David Ruben said.

“It’s mostly just an easier interface,” Ruben said. “I think that maybe teachers have given up on trying to project because it’s just too difficult for them, and we hope we will return to being able to do that. In addition, it is a lot easier to [have another device] project as well. There are teachers who want students to be able to project from their own laptop, and this new system will do that.”

Crestron, an electronics company, made the systems, which consist of small white screens, about the size of an iPad mini, with touch screen control to switch between dock cam view and the laptop.

“It’s just faster and more reliable,” Ruben said. “There’s really nothing that fancy about it, it’s just a simple operation. It’s basically turning on your TV. It will be nicer for teachers because when they want to switch between document camera to laptop, this new system switches instantly instead of waiting.”

Students said they have experienced technical difficulties with the old projectors.

“Once, I was in math class, and our teacher wanted to show us how to do this one Algebra I concept,” Sterling Kim ’21 said. “She tried to turn on the projector, and it didn’t work. We didn’t get it to work, so she just explained it on the whiteboard. She had to write out all the problems.”

Faculty members said that they hope the new system will make a real difference in among students and teachers.

“It going to hopefully make life easier for [students] because everything will work [audio-visual-wise],” Head of Upper School Laura Ross said. “It’s going to be awesome.”