Students tour clubs at Activities Fair


Evan LaTourrette-Ghez ’19 listens to the leaders of Children’s Institute Inc. speak about their club. Credit: Casey Kim/Chronicle

Celine Park

Students from 73 clubs, two festival groups and seven student organizations shared their interests with the community and encouraged their peers to join their groups at the annual Activities Fair Sept. 17.

Club members displayed their stands and posters along the perimeter of quad. Prefect Council, which hosted the fair, encouraged club leaders to interact with students and use visuals to explain what their clubs want to achieve. Many clubs played music at the event or offered food and drinks to students to sign up for their clubs.

The fair represented a variety of student extracurricular activities and clubs, ranging from academic clubs like the Math Club, instrumental clubs such as Cadence for a Cause and recreational clubs like the Paintball Club.

Club leaders said they appreciated the opportunity to showcase their work and ideas, in addition to gaining more club members.

“I think HW Venture had a great showing at the Activities Fair,” HW Venture leader Jake Verny ’21 said. “We had a lot of signups and generated a lot of excitement. I am very excited for the projects and events we can complete with this new group of Venturers.”