LAHSO speaks about unity at LAPA Family Fiesta


Xenia Bernal ’19 speaks alongside fellow LAHSO members in front of faculty, students and parents about unifying as a community. Credit: Tammer Bagdasarian/Chronicle

Tammer Bagdasarian

Latin American and Hispanic Student Organization (LAHSO) leaders spoke to faculty, students and parents about the importance of uniting as a community at the Latin American Parent Organization (LAPA) Family Fiesta on Sept. 16.

Attendees gathered at Anejo Cantina and Grill in Sherman Oaks for a lunch buffet, followed by a speech by LAHSO leader Xenia Bernal ’19. The turnout for this year’s event surpassed all others to date, underscoring the strength of Latinx membership, Bernal said.

“For me and for the LAHSO club, our goal is to have more cohesion between the student and parent groups and to have a bond between the Middle and Upper Schools, and I think continuing the event annually would really help that mission,” Bernal added.

Several faculty members and parents said that they enjoyed the event and believe that affinity groups play a vital role in the school community.

“Anything that helps people identify with others that they have something in common with is great for students and makes them feel more connected,” Head of Upper School Laura Ross said.

Max Valdez ’20 went to support the Latinx community, and it was meaningful to him that so many other students attended the event as well, he said.

“I think it’s really important for us Latinos to be together and organize as one because we cannot let all this hate and discrimination divide us,” Valdez said.

Going forward, the organizations plan on continuing the event to further expand their reach in the community.

“We are strong,” Bernal said. “United, we have so much power, and there are so many amazing things that together we can accomplish in our city, our country and the world.”