Football falls in first round of CIF playoffs


Quarterback Jameson Wang ’20 throws to wide receiver Terrell Long ’21 for only touchdown of CIF playoffs round 1 matchup against Palos Verdes. Credit: Keila McCabe/Chronicle

Keila McCabe

The football team lost to Palos Verdes High School 42-6 last night in the first round of CIF playoffs. They took on the Palos Verdes Sea Kings, who had an overall 8-3 record, at El Camino College.

By the end of the first quarter, the Sea Kings had already scored four touchdowns and completed all point after attempts making the score 28-0. With a combination of long runs and passes, the Sea King offense was unstoppable, meanwhile the Wolverines offense was unable to get in a groove.

“Our offense had some difficulties stopping their pressure and blitz since they filled the box,” wide receiver Brendan Kang ’20. “They were able to stop our run game, and they were able to recognize our run or pass personnel efficiently.” 

The Wolverines got in the red zone several times throughout the game, including two called back touchdown passes from quarterback Jameson Wang ’20 to wide receivers Chase Harleston ’21 and Terrell Long ’21. Kang said in general injuries made it difficult for them to be successful tonight.

“Key players involved in our defense and our offensive lines were inactive from injuries,” Kang said. “It was alarming to see how many injured players there have been this year, and none of us expected it to be this way.”

While the Wolverines struggled to finish possessions successfully, the Sea Kings were able to take advantage of momentum shifts with four interceptions and three fumble recoveries giving them opportunistic field position.

At the end of the first half, the Palos Verdes Sea Kings secured six touchdowns and completed every extra point making the score 42-0. The third quarter was scoreless thanks to defensive adjustments from the Wolverines.

The Wolverines finally scored with about  four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Wang completed a long reception to Long to secure a first down on the 26 yard line. A flag on the field advanced them to their 15 yard line. On a  fourth and 15, Wang threw to Long for their first touchdown but the extra point attempt by kicker Liam Weetman ’21 was not good.

Last year the Wolverines lost to St. Joseph’s  first round of playoff with an overall record of 8-3. This year their CIF season is cut short again and they finish their season with a 6-5 record

“I’m disappointed with how our season ended,” Kang said. “We had higher goals than the first round of playoffs this year and I feel like we did not reap the benefits from all of our hard work from last spring and the summer.”