Students volunteer at annual Luminaria event

Tanisha Gunby

Members of the school community helped set up lanterns for the Studio City Neighborhood Council’s eighth annual Luminaria at Campo de Cahuenga on Saturday.

Chair of Cultural Affairs Committee Richard Niederberg said the goal of the community service project was for volunteers to prepare for the following day’s festivities and learn about the history of the landmark location.

“I want the audience to be happy and enjoy the lights and everything else,” Niederberg said.

Campo de Cahuenga is a major historical site in the San Fernando Valley where the signing of the Articles of Capitulation took place 172 years ago, thereby ending the Mexican-American War in California. This led to California joining the U.S.

Director of Community and Public Affairs Stacy Marble said having students volunteer to set up the light show is a way to give back to the community and celebrate the holiday season together.

“The Luminaria Festival is a great opportunity for our school to partner with local community leaders to produce a community holiday event for Studio City residents,” Marble said. “I am glad that students volunteered their time to help make this event possible and make a positive impact in Studio City.”

Volunteers said they enjoyed participating in this opportunity because they were able to meet new people.

“I didn’t know anyone that I was going to be working with,” Mike Thomas ’20 said. “I think it’s really cool to see a bunch of people that maybe aren’t that familiar with each other come together and work to put together an event for the people of Studio City.”