Student’s Instagram photo surpasses 11,000 likes

Lindsay Wu

In response to the most liked picture on Instagram, Dahlia Low ’20 posted a photo of herself on @most_liked_my_face, an account she created as a joke, she said. However, Low’s picture has now received over 11 thousand likes.

According to NBC News, a picture of an egg from the account @world_record_egg received 50.5 million likes, more than any other Instagram post. The egg surpassed Kylie Jenner’s previous record Jan 4.

“Personally, I was very upset when I saw the most liked picture on Instagram was an egg,” Low said. “Because I don’t like eggs. So I thought, ‘What else could be the most liked photo that I like? Myself. Why don’t I just put a photo of myself online and make the most liked photo?'”

Low said that though she thought her picture would get fewer than 20 likes, it suddenly blew up after actor Milo Manheim and Jack Hoppus ’20 reposted her photo.

“I feel amazing,” Low said. “I feel like I can run the world. It was so cool to see myself on the explore page.”