Students submit geotags for contest


Sketch for Success: Ariana Pineda ’21 works on a draft of her Snapchat geotag to submit for the school-wide competition. The winner’s drawing will be uploaded as the official geotag for the school.

Ruoshan Dong

Prefect Council hosted the first-ever all-school geotag design contest from Jan.11 to Jan. 25. Sophomore Prefect Chelsea Cho said the goal of the contest was to enrich campus life and to provide a platform for students to showcase their design talents.

Geotags are Snapchat filters that are unique to a location. Creating a new geotag will be a refreshing update to campus life, Cho said.
“We thought it would be nice to start off second semester with a new [geotag],” Cho said.

The contest provided student artists with a platform to display their work to a large audience. Ariana Pineda ’21 said her previous experience in digital design helped her create her filter.

“I used digital art programs to create the logo of my online shop, and this contest was a good opportunity to practice and make use of my skills,” Pineda said.

Students designed geofilters on Snapchat and submited screenshots of their work to be judged by the school community.

“We wanted to have a smaller, intermediate contest going on during the hectic time between winter break and the start of Tap Out, and we also thought it would be a nice, fun way to get people to be creative,” Cho said. “It’s just a cool way to let go of the stress from first semester ending and brings everyone together.