6 new staff start work at Upper School

Chronicle Staff

Six new staff members were hired during the summer.

Allie Costa will be working at the upper school bookstore and will later transfer to the middle school bookstore.

Hailing from Northern California, Costa has experience in bookselling, with a specialty in children’s literature and contemporary teen fiction. Her other skills include web design and writing.

Linda Becker will serve as the staff accountant in the business office. Becker’s education includes studies at both the University of California, Los Angeles Extension and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Her credentials in business include 13 years of accounting experience, as well as a stint as part-owner of both a Malibu bikini boutique and several radio stations in Elizabethtown, KY.

Scott Bello, who has coached varsity football here for two seasons, will take on the additional role of updating the school website and maintaining the athletic handbooks and hotlines.

He first trained at Penn State to be a teacher and he has taught in a middle school for special-needs students for several years.

Melissa Cherella will help plan school events and will work with matters related to the Master Calendar.

She graduated from Framingham State College and will be located in Ann-Marie Whitman’s old office.

She will be executive assistant to Head of Harvard-Westlake Jeanne Huybrechts.
Joey Navarro will be working on the Harvard-Westlake website in order to create more links with Didax, the educational recourses website.

He got a bachelor’s degree in management engineering from Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines.

Navarro worked for 20 years as a programmer and systems analyst and recently worked at Disney.

David Hartmann will be a key player in completing the new in-house student email system and design a room to house a growing network server.

Hartmann was an information technology manager and systems analyst at Disney for over 10 years and is “excited to be part of the Harvard-Westlake community.”