Prefect council hosts third annual March Madness tournament


Kenneth Lee ’19 does a layup while competing with his team, “Splash Bros.” Credit: Casey Kim/Chronicle

Luke Casola

Students competed in the third annual March Madness tournament, a series of three-on-three basketball matches, during break today. Team “Splash Bros,” which included Griffin York ’19, Kenneth Lee ’19 and Michael Snyder ’19, beat team “Bd and Friends” to win the tournament.

Prefect Jaya Nayar ’20 said that Prefect Council enjoys organizing these events for students.

“It’s a way to relieve stress in the middle of what’s going to be a super busy week for most students, as we’re right about to go into spring break,” Nayar said. “Another reason we organize stuff like this is to build a sense of community. Our school may not have 100 kids show up to every football game, but it’s events like these that help us feel that kind of school spirit and bring us all together. Lastly, it’s just a lot of fun to hold, regardless of relieving stress or building community, and it’s always nice for students to have something fun to look forward to.”

Though all students were allowed to sign up by submitting a team name, only 16 teams were allowed to compete in the half-court single-elimination rounds.

“I definitely thought my team was going to win,” player on team “Daddy Ball Nation” Harry Thoeny ’20 said. “We came ready to play. It was pretty fun though and a lot of people came to watch.”

Prefect Council plans to organize more events like these in the future, Nayar said.

“At the current moment, the senior prefects are focused on the election process and getting the necessary materials out for all candidates, which will be going on for a few weeks after break,” Nayar said. “In the meantime, however, I personally hope to get a project I’ve wanted to do for a while off its feet, and that’s a competition regarding random acts of helpfulness. March Madness and Tap Out are really the only two big events we have like this, but I’m always trying to brainstorm other activities we can do, and if people have suggestions of competitions they need help organizing, I would definitely encourage them to email me.”