Community Council holds Everything Drive to benefit local organizations

Joanna Im

Members of Community Council hosted an Everything Drive to collect books, toys, clothes, prom attire and school supplies from April 9-12 in the lounge. The council will send the donations to different sectors of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, as well as to local homeless shelters and schools.

“Books will mostly go to a library of a low-income middle school that we have worked with in the past,” Helen Graham ’21 said. “Fancy clothing will go to the hospital for its prom. Where we donate other items will depend on the turnout.”

In addition to accepting standard donations, the council decided to also collect gifted and recycled gowns after Jack Hoppus ’20 proposed a plan to contribute to the hospital’s inaugural prom dance, Graham said.

“I’m not in Community Council, but it’s so heartbreaking to think of what these patients have to go through,” Hoppus said. “I simply can’t imagine living like some of these children do. Even if I can create a little more awareness and allow them to have one night where they can be regular teenagers, it would mean the world to me.”

Community Council Advisor Michelle Bracken said that she is confident in the success of the Everything Drive.

“The goal is to do a final push at the end of the year to collect items that people have laying around that others in need could use,” Bracken said. “[Dean of Students and Community Council Advisor Jordan Church] and I approve these events and trust that the Community Council members can carry out the steps necessary for the drive to be successful.”