How To: Water Polo

Chronicle Staff

Water polo is a team sport played in a 30 meter pool. A team consists of six players and one goalie. The purpose of the game is to score as many goals as possible, with each goal worth one point. With each possession there is a 30-second shot clock. Each team has two one-minute timeouts.

What it takes to be a good driver, according to Corey Schwartz ’07:
• Quickness to gain inside position on opponent
• Strength to outmuscle opponents and shoot with high velocity

What it takes to be a good two-meter man, according to coach Larry Felix:
• Strong Legs
• Soft Hands
• Smart and well tempered

What it takes to be a good goalie according to Goalie Brian Pingree ‘07:
• Quickness
• Fast reaction time
• Focus on the task at hand
A special Goalie privilege:
He can touch the ball with two hands

Felix’s keys to success
• Listen: Players must heed their coach’s advice and listen to their teammates as it is crucial to success in water polo.
• Learn: It’s just like in class. The teacher says something, and it’s for everyone. A lot of players think that the coach might not be talking to them, but the lesson is for the whole team.
• Keep things simple: Spectacular things that happen, but essentially “They pass. They shoot. They swim.” If players don’t know the fundamentals, they won’t succeed.

Minor Foul: The whistle is blown once. If the player who is fouled has the ball, they get a free throw. If the player is a defender, they are awarded the ball. An example: holding the ball under water.
Major Foul: The whistle is blown twice. The player who commits the foul gets ejected for 20 seconds. An example: intentional contact with the defense.
Brutality: When a player kicks or strikes an opponent or official with malicious intent, excluded from game.
Basic Rules
— There are four quarters, each eight minutes long
— The team that scores the most goals wins
— Players can touch the ball with only one hand
— Players can’t stand on the bottom of the pool
— Players are allowed only two major fouls, they are ejected from the match on third

New Rules
— Penalty shots are for fouls inside five meters (used to be seven)
— Defenders can only block a shot with one hand (used to be two)

— Keep the ball moving
— Draw fouls
— Keep good spacing between players

— Press
— Don’t foul early
— Foul late to stop time, set up defense