Celebrating culture: LAHSO hosts inaugural Hispanic-Latinx festival

Luke Schneider

The Latin-American Hispanic Student Organization hosted the first annual Hispanic-Latinx festival May 23 outside Seaver Academic Center.
15 students sang, danced and recited poetry at the festival, which also featured Los Angeles Football Club player Rodolfo “El Matador” Zelaya as a speaker.

Spanish teacher Sephora Escarpeta-Garcia said that she appreciated how the students could showcase their talents across a variety of mediums.

“I’m glad the [kids are participating] because the Latino community here needs to be more visible,” Escarpeta-Garcia said.

LAHSO leader Xenia Bernal ’19 said that the performances were an integral part of involving more of the school community.

Six students, including three LAHSO leaders, also performed a dance that upper school dean Celso Cardenas choreographed.

Helen Graham ’21 said that she enjoyed learning about Hispanic and Latino culture through the activities.

“I’m excited to have more opportunities for visibility for minority groups on campus,” Graham said.
LAHSO leader Antonio Cue ’19 said that he was excited about the different aspects of Hispanic and Latino culture he could showcase, including student performances, dances and food.

“I’m so excited to start a new tradition during my last year as a club leader,” Cue said.