Letter from the Editors: Better Together

Lindsay Wu

BREAKING NEWS. It seems as if the words flash across our phone screens, laptops and television sets every other minute. In this current day and age, often the only constant is the endless stream of new information. And we at The Chronicle want to keep up.

As the primary source of school news on campus, it is our duty to ensure we provide our readers with the most comprehensive and timely coverage possible. A major component of accomplishing this goal is our accessibility to the school community. We place a high level of importance on our print publication, but we also recognize that a monthly newspaper alone cannot feasibly keep up with the fast-paced news cycle on campus. Therefore, this year, one of our top priorities is to continue expanding our online presence.

We are committed to increasing the consistency of our digital updates this year by producing more web-exclusive immediate news coverage than ever before. As students, we recognize that most members of the school community do not have the time to constantly check our website for updates. In an effort to increase accessibility to our readers, we are adding Chronicle Updates, a regular online newsletter recapping the most significant stories or developments on campus over the past week. We will not only post these under a new tab on our website, but will also utilize email and social media platforms to guarantee everyone has the opportunity to stay up to date on school news.

Though we have ventured online, one area of journalism that has previously remained unexplored to The Chronicle is broadcast. This year, however, we are excited to join with the growing broadcast program. With the new capability broadcast brings, we hope to increase and revolutionize our multimedia content. The broadcast team will continue to produce sports reports but will also work with our five other sections to create digital material, such as podcasts and videos, tied to their print stories.

Another vital aspect of The Chronicle is representing the school community’s plethora of differing opinions. We understand that, even with a robust staff of 97, it is impossible to represent each and every viewpoint.
Therefore, we invite guest contributors to share their thoughts directly with the rest of our readers through letters to the editors, podcasts and guest editorials in our Opinion section. However, diversity of thought is a shared responsibility, and our efforts to encourage more voices in the paper will be fruitless unless readers are willing to engage in a dialogue.

Even as we seek to expand our coverage through newfound avenues, upholding journalistic ethics remains at the core of our principles. Improving our relationship with the school community requires a foundation of integrity that we must not lose sight of. In Volume 29, The Chronicle will break news, not trust.