Faculty gears up for bowling challenge

Chronicle Staff

Middle school teachers will be bowling at Pinz in Studio City for the first-ever Jacobson Cup Bowling Challenge Nov. 18.

This challenge is one of the many events that are part of the ongoing competition among houses to win the Jacobson Cup.

Teachers from each of the four houses will be representing their teams as they bowl.

The winning team will be awarded five Jacobson Cup points. The second place team will receive three points, third place gets two points and fourth place gets one point.

“More than winning and losing, it’s about people getting together and having a good time,” Dean Jon Wimbish, a Badger, said.

Wimbish and Dean Josh Budde, a Polecat, conceived of the idea of a bowling tournament as a way to bring faculty together and encourage the house system.

Robin Miller, the middle school dean of faculty and an Otter, is paying for the costs out of her Faculty Activity Fund. A student-teacher bowling challenge may happen next semester depending on how well this teacher-only challenge goes.

“I’m excited about the faculty getting to spend time with one another in a different kind of environment,” Wimbish said. “I’m excited that people from various departments will get to know people they may not have known or spent time with before.”

At press time, 45 teachers have signed up to participate. There is a 48 teacher limit.