New Learning Center provides students with alternative study space

Sandra Koretz

A new Learning Center run by faculty members opened in Seaver 208 to give upper school students a place to study and complete their homework.

Learning Resource Specialist Grace Brown, Receptionist and SAT/ACT Test Center Supervisor Nathaly Blanco, English teacher Jenna Gasparino and Librarians Edith Darling and Jessica Wahl are assisting in the center.

“The purpose of the Learning Center is a space to go is when you have a specific academic task that you need to get done, whether you want to do it on your own or whether you need support with that,” Brown said.

Multiple programs are now located in the Learning Center, including the Writing Support Program, Peer Tutoring Program and the Academic Support Program. Peer tutors at the center include Charlie Keller ’20, Gideon Hyman ’20 and Henry Mass ’20.

“For me and a lot of my friends, we’re still struggling to find the most effective study methods for absorbing our reading,” Eve Levy ’22 said. “If conducted correctly, a learning center could help with short term assignments as well as skills to be developed for future use.”

Students said that the center will help them feel comfortable asking teachers for help.

“Having a personable, one-on-one relationship with teachers can be beneficial to students in reinforcing hard to grasp concepts,” Carli Cooperstein ’20 said. “When a student feels comfortable [enough] to go to their teacher with questions, it opens up a deeper understanding of the subject and helps make learning the information more meaningful.”