Seniors present research projects

The use of clean and efficient hydrogen-powered vehicles is achievable in the near future, according to a presentation given Nov. 30 by Marc Firestein ’07 and Matt Kremer ’07 for their Directed Study in Scientific Research project.

In their project, Firestein and Kremer examined the  advantages of using hydrogen as a source of fuel: hydrogen can produce more power than it consumes compared to gas, its only emission is pure water and its production gives out pure oxygen instead of harmful radiation.

A hydrogen vehicle would not require recharging as frequently as an electric car, and the hydrogen-powered Honda FCX has been tested to travel 350 miles on one tank, about the same distance as a gasoline car.

Justin Sheng ’07 presented his research last Thursday in the Munger Science Center on the Gardasil vaccine, which could innoculate recipients against most strains of human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease.

Sheng conducted research on HPV and other aspects of transplant immunology at UCLA over the summer as part of his Directed Studies science class.

Though the vaccine is only approved for women, Sheng said that it is “just as important for men to get [the vaccine] as women.”