Football loses in CIF semis

Oaks Christian defeated the Wolverines 48-14 Dec. 2 at Valley College, putting an end to the Wolverines’ season but leaving their pride intact.

Even though the Wolverines’ run at a first CIF title ended with a lopsided defeat, the feeling on the Wolverine sideline was one of nostalgia rather than bitterness as players took pleasure in what they had accomplished in their 10-3 season.

“We played our tails off all year, and it took a team like that to finally stop us,” Head Coach Vic Eumont said following the game. “Our guys should be incredibly proud of themselves for what they accomplished this year.”

The Lions struck early, jumping out to a 21-0 lead on their first three possessions, all throws by 19-year-old quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

Clausen connected twice with receiver Sean Wiser and once with receiver Anthony Gildon.

“They deserve all the recognition they receive,” quarterback John Howe ’07 said. “They are extremely athletic on all fronts and there was nothing we could do to slow them down.”