Parents’ association receives the Bruce Ackerman Partners with Youth award

Tanisha Gunby

New Directions for Youth presented the Bruce Ackerman Partners with Youth award to the HW Parents’ Association and student volunteers for their service to youth in the community at the annual Spirit of Hope gala hosted at the Airtel Plaza Hotel on Oct. 3.

New Directions for Youth is a youth development agency that directly serves youth and families from under-served areas, typically from low income families. The Spirit of Hope Gala honors many members of the Los Angeles community for their dedication to our local youth through New Directions for Youth. The gala’s theme this year was “Imagine.”

Laurie Seplow and Margi Graham, representing the Parents’ Association’s 2018-2019 Community Service committee, accepted the award.

“I was honored to represent the numerous parents and students who have volunteered at NDY over the last few years,” Graham said. “We have had school wide projects and parent club projects at NDY since 2018.”

Digital Managing Editor Jessa Glassman ’20 and Features Editor Joanna Im ’20 were involved in projects at New Directions for Youth. Glassman taught a debate and discussion workshop at their summer camp. Additionally, Im taught clarinet as a part of her Girl Scouts gold award project.

Shana Glassman (Jessa ’20, Gabriel ’22, Sammy ’24), co-chair of the Parents’ Community Service Team, said it was inspiring to see the school honored alongside NBC weather anchor Fritz Coleman and Norm Sacks, a 90 year old regular volunteer. She said it was motivating to hear speeches from the youth and families impacted by New Directions for Youth.

“I am proud to be a member of the HW community as a parent,” Glassman said. “The HW community is such a positive force for good in Los Angeles. I love knowing that my children’s school fosters the value of giving back and helping others so strongly.”