Girls’ Volleyball plays their last game against Westlake High School

Eugean Choi

The girls’ volleyball team ended their season today against Westlake High School 3-1.

No regrets

This is their last game of their season and although they didn’t end the way they wanted to, Libero Josephine Amakye ’21 said that the girls do not have any regrets since they tried their best in this game. 

“The game this Saturday obviously didn’t go the way we wanted, however, it wasn’t as disheartening as it would be expected,” Amakye said. “That’s because we definitely worked the hardest we ever have this season and played the best we could have in that game.”

How they felt about the game afterwards

Amakye said that after the game no one had anything negative to say and all celebrated the end of their season. Most of the team had already started focusing on next year and how they can improve themselves.

“We all agreed that it didn’t feel like our season should have ended there and that we can not wait to continue working toward the goals we set this season next year,” Amakye said. “Even though we accomplished more than anyone including ourselves expected of us we will, having had this season, have more confidence in ourselves to be able to accomplish so much more next year. I can’t wait for how strong, successful, and fun next season will be!”