Latin students visit Getty Villa


(From left to right) Franklin Wimbish ’25, Addison Konwiser ’25, Maddie Hliboki ’25 and Chazzy Cho ’25 pose for a photo with the rest of their Latin IA peers in front of the Getty Villa’s long pool. Credit: Sandra Koretz/Chronicle

Sandra Koretz

A group of approximately 30 students and teachers from Latin levels IA to III Honors visited the Getty Villa in Malibu during a field trip Oct. 26.

“The Getty Villa is like this ancient treasure trove in the middle of Malibu, and visiting is always such an amazing and immersive experience,” Latin III Honors student Avery Konwiser ’22 said. “I’d have to say my favorite part was seeing the new exhibition about Pompeii and all of its amazingly preserved artifacts. It’s really hard to believe that [these pieces were once] covered in 75 feet of ash.”

As part of their excursion, students also examined restored historical scrolls, which were damaged during the eruption of Vesuvius.

“I think [the trip] was a good experience to be able to go see a historical and archeological exhibit not only with peers, but also with teachers,” Latin III Honors student Eva Salas ’22 said. “[I enjoyed] learning about how [archaeologists] deciphered and preserved the scrolls that they found completely scorched in the excavations.”

In addition to perusing indoor displays, the group enjoyed the museum’s outdoor landscaping, Holmes said.

“The museum also has full replicas of Roman gardens as, again, it is modeled after an actual Roman Villa,” Holmes said. “So even when not viewing the collections, there are lots of pretty places to go and walk around while there.”