Stone-Cutters hosts second workshop, prepares for winter publication

Sandra Koretz

Stone-Cutters magazine hosted its second creative writing workshop to collect submissions for its winter publication Wednesday.

Stone-Cutters offers in-person writing workshops

Stone-Cutters has held two workshops so far and is planning to host one a month starting in January. Stone-Cutters writer and junior editor Nicole Austen ’21 said that the workshops are a good place for students to share their work and receive feedback.

“Overall, it’s enjoyable and relaxing, and a great way to meet and be inspired by other writers at Harvard-Westlake,” Austen said.

Literary magazine accepts submissions for winter tabloid

Stone-Cutters is preparing for their winter publication, which will be published early next year. The deadline submission for that publication is Dec. 1. Austen said that the winter publication has been created to allow students to share more of their work, besides the final Stone-Cutters’ publication at the end of the year, and encourages all students to submit their work.

“Stone-Cutters is continuing our goal of expanding our presence as a club by having workshops but also by having multiple publications,” Stone-Cutters writer and junior editor Maya Doyle ’21 said. “Last year, we had our first publication other than the spring magazine.”

Stone-Cutters members said that the workshop was beneficial to many writers because it allowed them to receive feedback in a supportive environment.

“My favorite part of the workshop was when we shared our writing at the end ,” Austen said. “It was amazing to see how everybody gained more confidence in their writing when they felt so supported by the people around them.”