Space issues causes sophomores to park in junior lot

Director of Inter-Campus Security Kevin Giberson has been saying no to a lot of parents of sophomores, “who want their kids to drive to school,” he said. “It has become a hassle.”
According to the student handbook, sophomores are not allowed to drive to school, but many still do and have taken to parking in the Upper St. Michael’s parking lot, to many juniors’ dismay.
“It kind of annoys me that sophomores park there,” Emily Lawson ’08 said. “I’m paying for a spot and they are not.”
Most sophomores who are seen parking in the Upper St. Michael’s lot do not have spots, but students with special circumstances can pay for spots.
“There was once a mother who called who was going through chemo and normally drove her child,” Giberson said.
One sophomore boy, who prefers to remain anonymous, was able to get a parking permit after the student who was driving him was unable to continue doing so for legal reasons.  After this problem arose he went to his dean, Jason Honsel, who helped him solve the problem.
Giberson noted that a lot more students are driving to school now that more sophomores are eligible to get their licenses.
“I have to get to school early for sports and, as I drive up, I see that Coldwater fills up earlier and earlier,” the sophomore said. Most of his friends are not envious of his situation.
“None of my friends are really jealous of me because [Upper St. Michael’s] is so far away,” he said.
The sophomore doesn’t think that the juniors have any reason to be angry.
“Very few sophomores have that anyway, so I don’t feel like juniors’ privileges were defaced,” the sophomore said.
Sydney Ember ’08 has seen sophomores without permits park in the spots reserved for the St. Michael’s preschool.
She once had to park there because someone took her spot and a green sticker with a note from Giberson was left on her car.
Ember feels it is unfair that she has gotten chastised.
Lawson also had to deal with the same issue.
While both Lawson and Ember have had stickers on their cars, one sophomore girl who regularly parks in Upper St. Michael’s has never encountered any problems.
“Everyone just kind of leaves everyone alone.”
Most students who park in Upper St. Michael’s say that it is never completely full, yet Giberson believes that all of the spots are accounted for.
Many juniors are upset because they feel like security is not doing anything to stop sophomores parking there.
“I don’t have the resources to have someone up there all the time,” Giberson said. “I have to rely on student complaints.”
“There’s so much about this school that I absolutely love,” Giberson continued. “This parking thing is my nightmare though.”