Prefects implement new minimum price

Siobhan Harms

Prefect C

Junior Prefect Jonathan Cosgrove ’21 said that Prefect Council revised the minimum after receiving numerous complaints that the $10 was too high.

“We realized that the price of [our events like] food trucks were too expensive, so we decided to make a change,” Cosgrove said. 

Chance Walker ’21 said that the new minimum Didax charge will be beneficial because it will allow students to pay a fair price for what they purchase.

“Back when Didax charged $10   I [felt]  like I couldn’t really buy anything because it was such a large amount,” Walker said. “Now that it is down to $5, I feel like I am able to purchase more stuff because it is more affordable.”

Prefect Council announced the change before its Food Truck Friday event Jan. 17. Cosgrove said that the new minimum charge will allow students to enjoy the food during the event without worrying about overpaying.

“We cut the price in half, so that all kids can enjoy Food Truck Fridays,” Cosgrove said. “I think that all students will really enjoy having more reasonably priced, but still delicious food.