Enrollment increases in 3 classes next year

The number of students enrolled in Human Anatomy and Physiology, AP Statistics and AP English IV: In Search of Self for next year has grown significantly in comparison to this year’s enrollment.
Next year, AP Statistics will be expanded to three full sections, opposed to two partially-filled ones this year. Most students in the class come from junior year Precalculus or Introduction to Calculus courses. 

AP English IV: In Search of Self, one of two required English options for seniors, will have at least three or four more sections next year than this year. Because students can enter the AP course from either the junior year Honors course or the regular course, more students qualify for the AP course than in past years, said English Department Chair Laurence Weber. The English III Honors: American Studies class for next year has also grown slightly. However, because the sophomore class is larger than the junior class, the percentage of students enrolled in the Honors course as opposed to the regular one remained approximately the same.

In the science department, the enrollment in Directed Studies in Scientific Research and Human Anatomy and Physiology has increased significantly, with all other classes remaining approximately the same size. The Anatomy class for next year is projected to have three full sections for the 56 students currently signed up, whereas this year there are two sections for about 30-32 students.
Science Department Chair Lawrence Axelrod says this drastic change may be an anomaly, or students may be hearing positive things about the class.

DSSR will have two sections next year for the first time because 26 students are enrolled in the course.