Advanced science class to publish research journal

Two seniors created, researched and will publish a scientific research journal that will compile the work of the students in the Directed Studies: Scientific Research class.

 “Harvard-Westlake has progressed in science tremendously since the merger,” said Allen Miller ‘07. “We’ve got our 17-20 science classes alone at the Upper School, we have the club, and then we have this class devoted entirely to research. The next step would be to have a journal.” 

Miller co-founded the journal with Justin Chow ’07, and they started working on it about a month ago. DSSR is mentored by Dr. Antonio Nassar and is a completely student-run class. Despite their self-proclaimed “lack of journalistic experience,” Miller and Chow decided it was time to exhibit the hard work and research of DSSR. 

“It was basically me, Justin, two computers, and a blank folder,” said Miller. 

Two to three hundred copies will be distributed to students and teachers alike.

Six groups, each with students from the DSSR or members of the scientific research club, will contribute an article to the journal.  Topics range from photo electrolysis to environmental science.

Miller says the journal will combine the student’s scientific research with a reader-friendly vibe. There will be a cartoon section, as well as a page with “five things that will boggle your mind!”

Adam Gold ’07 will help with the more technical aspects of layout for the journal once the information has been gathered. Additionally, Claire Lew ’08 will act as ads manager.

Miller wants the contributors to have been able to take something away from the experience.
“I hope that the people that put the hard work into helping out will have something that they can retain for years,” Miller said.