Science teacher to leave school

Science teacher Kathleen Moran, who has taught at the Upper School for three years, will move to Santa Cruz to live with her husband, leaving her position at the school. 

She and her husband are expecting their first child in September.  Although Moran is confident she is making the right decision, she admits it was a difficult one.

“I’m torn in the sense that professionally this is a great place for me, but personally I want to be with my husband,” she said.

Moran began teaching at the Coldwater Campus in 2003. She taught Honors Biology and Oceanography her first year in the Science Department. 

Moran then left to teach at a high school in Santa Cruz.

Since her return to Harvard-Westlake a year later, she has taught AP Biology, AP Environmental Science and Honors Biology. 

Moran will spend next year taking care of her baby.

“If my husband could find a job back here, I would be back here in a heartbeat,” Moran said.