Student photographers from HWGo! display their artwork in Feldman Horn

Gemma Lippman

HWGo! Storytelling Adventure students showcased their artwork inspired by their visits to Southern California water ecology sites Thursday in Feldman Horn. Six of 14 students who attended the program presented: Chronicle Presentation Editor and Big Red Editor-in-Chief Keila McCabe ’20, Lucy Ingold ’21, Ally Landecker ’21, Gabriela Martinez-Celaya ’20, Capri Woss ’21 and Cleo Maloney ’21. During the HWGo! trip, which took place in November, the group went to the Sepulveda Basin, the Los Angeles River, the Salton Sea and the Long Beach Port.

Teachers provide an overview of the program

Visual arts teachers Reb Limerick and Jesse Chehak both ran and planned the program.

“Students across grade levels, across disciplines all came together for this adventure,” Limerick said. “It was an experience to be sight-responsive in our art-making process, to have a play-space connection, and also to be fluid in our making, just like the bodies of water that we were experiencing.”

Students explain their exhibits

Woss and Maloney both showed the drawings and paintings they made about the experiences impacted them during the trip, such as their visit to the Salton Sea. Landecker also displayed a series of photos that she took of the landscapes and people she saw.

Next, Limerick played the films created by many of the other students who attended, including McCabe and Martinez-Celaya. Limerick stressed the importance of remembering the experience of their trip, in addition to appreciating the films.

“Along the way we had a very playful and song-filled experience,” Limerick said. “We really focused on the process more so than the product, and reflecting throughout our entire experience together.”