Chapter 8: The End

In past issues, the Chronicle followed four anonymous seniors through the college application process. Now, their identities are revealed.

Bianca Wilson
Villanova University

What would you do differently?
Make your decisions about colleges based on what you like and what your standards are, not anybody else’s. Also, don’t listen to other people when they talk about their college plans. It’s not worth it and it doesn’t benefit you in any way.

What are you looking forward to?
Having completely new and different experiences.

Jay Dockendorf
Yale University

What would you do differently?
I realized that I probably could have been happier at a much broader range of schools than I supposed. I would have tried to leave my ego out of the equation. I considered some schools beneath me that, looking back, might have been perfect fits.

Where are you living? 
I find out in the middle of July which [of the 12] residential colleges I’m in.

Gabriella Nourafchan
University of Pennsylvania

Where are you living?
At Penn there are 11 college houses and you have to rank six houses in order of preference in your application. It’s a lottery system but there are also residential programs that help you get into better housing. I applied to a program called Law and Society.

Hardest part of leaving?
Leaving my siblings, especially my almost 4-month-old brother Jonah.

Gregory Nussen
Emerson College

What would you have done differently?
I would have looked more closely into the location and social situation.

Planned major:
Broadcast journalism

Where are you living?
I’m living with a roommate. Josh Margolin ’07 and I requested each other, so we’ll probably be together.

Hardest part of leaving?
Having to adapt to a new city.