Upper and middle school concerts postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus

Celine Park

In a school-wide email, Middle School Performing Arts Chair Tim Schmall and Upper School Performing Arts Chair Shawn Constantino announced Mar. 23 that all upcoming middle and upper school performing arts events are postponed indefinitely due to the school’s effort to comply with social distancing.

The postponed performances include both the middle and upper school dance productions and spring jazz concert, the upper school dance showcases, the middle school spring play and the Major Works Concert.

Schmall and Constantino said that the performances are not possible due to the inability for students to meet in-person for rehearsals.

“The downside of this in performing arts is that we will miss out on essential rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the respective performances, and this is something that cannot be replicated online,” Schmall and Constantino said. “If we are able to be back in school at some point before the end of the year, we will look to adjust our calendar so that as many events as possible can be rescheduled, but there are just too many unknown variables at this point to make any sort of definitive statement.”