Deadline for community service requirement extended

Siobhan Harms

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Upper School Counselor Michelle Bracken and Upper School Dean of Students Jordan Church said in an email March 23  the deadline for the community service requirement has been extended to the end of the summer and no longer requires that a student directly interact with others.

Bracken and Church said the decision to alter the community service requirement was made in order to maintain the health of both students and members of the community.

“As we continue to practice social distancing and find ways to keep ourselves and our communities healthy, we must also recognize that being of service to our community these days means that we minimize our interactions with others,” Bracken and Church said.

Bracken and Church also said that students no longer have to complete community service hours by the end of the academic year in order to qualify for Honor Roll.

“We are also removing the stipulation that hours must be completed before the end of the school year in order to be eligible for the Honor Roll, as well as the requirement that your service hours have a face-to-face component,” Bracken and Church said. “If you are volunteering virtually or have been working on service projects from home, please make sure to submit those hours as usual.”