Prefect Council encourages faculty members to lead online enrichment courses

Charlie Wang

In an email to faculty and staff, Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo and Dean of Students Jordan Church proposed several opportunities for faculty members to lead and engage in online enrichment courses March 25 during spring break.

Cuseo and Church suggested that students and faculty members participate in a virtual Spring Market, a Zoom Coffeehouse, a one-hour Ted Talk-inspired lecture series, a Vogue-inspired “73 Questions” video and an online book club. The email also included a survey, in which faculty members could state which activities interested them and provide dates that worked with their schedule.

Prefect Council encourages students to engage with classmates by participating in online tutorials

The new opportunities were announced after Prefect Council launched an initiative to host student-led tutorials in topics ranging from dancing to video gaming from March 24 to 27.

The tutorials are each 40 minutes long and are available to all upper school students through a Zoom link sent by Prefect Council. In an email to the student body, Prefect Council said that the tutorials are similar to interactive online shows and compared them to the online educational platform MasterClass.

Sophomore Prefect Jason Thompson ’22 said that the tutorials provide a great way for participants to not only learn specific skills from each other, but also to connect with fellow students during the state-sanctioned quarantine.

“With everything being online and not being able to go to school, we wanted a way for students to engage and show off the stuff they do in their free time and showcase things they like to do,” Thompson said. “We thought that this would be a fun way to make up for not being able to see each other at school and to make up for all the events that we have missed.”

Nine students have signed up to host their own tutorials, including Nina Neuman ’21, who will teach dance, and Jack Malins ’20, who will instruct students in playing the video game FIFA. All tutorials will be held either during the lunch period or after school ends.