Bookstore assistant acts in two plays

Bursting into fake tears, Allie Costa, the upper school bookstore associate, finishes a frenzied greeting of a student whose gray, zip-up jacket, embroidered with a blue satin ribbon, sparked Costa to recite “Spring Awakening,” a play she will be in.

“This play has become popular because of the musical’s success, although this is the world premiere of this adaptation,” Costa said. 

“Spring Awakening,” opens Sept. 21 at the Chandler Studio Theater in North Hollywood. Costa describes “Spring Awakening,” set in  Germany in 1890, as a “coming of age story about learning the consequences of one’s actions and the different expectations for boys and girls.” 

Even though Costa is 24, she worried that she looked too young for the part of a 14-year-old girl, but she was selected to join the cast of eight actors.

Costa plays Martha in the show.  She is beaten by her parents and must cope with the deaths of her friends.

“I’m lucky that I don’t have anything in common with my character,” she said. 
Last week Costa also finished a five week run with another play, “Murder at the Hollow,” an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

“It is a typical murder mystery set in 1951 at an English cottage,” Costa said.  “Of course someone is killed and all the characters are interviewed.” 

Costa played Doris the maid, worked on stage managing, and passed out food during intermission.
For Costa, “Murder at the Hollow” was her first time on stage since a death in her family earlier this year. 

“Maybe it’s karma, maybe timing, but I talked myself into trying out and got the part, then I tried out again and got the other part,” Costa said. 

In addition to acting, Costa also sings, dances, writes and directs.