School provides financial support for all faculty, staff members in midst of pandemic

Siobhan Harms

School President Rick Commons announced in an email that the school will continue to support all staff and faculty members during the COVID-19 pandemic after members of the community expressed concern for employees’ wellbeing.

“I am proud to say that Harvard-Westlake is not only providing extra assistance to our employees and school families who are most in need; we are also protecting our coaches, cafeteria workers, security personnel, bus drivers and other long-standing vendors,” Commons said.

All employees will be receiving the same amount of base pay they normally would if school had been in session, Commons said. However, hourly employees no longer have the option of receiving overtime pay to supplement their income.

Commons said the school is offering financial assistance to help faculty members who are experiencing increased financial stress due to the pandemic.

“As examples, we have provided financial assistance for teachers who have incurred significant extra childcare expenses, and we have aided other employees who are experiencing hardship due to reduced family income,” Commons said.

Commons also stressed that the school has no intention of suspending support for any staff members due to the pandemic.

“We have issued contracts to our faculty and staff for next year, and [Harvard-Westlake] will honor those contracts,” Commons said.