Student leaders to meet at summit

Students who have exemplified leadership at school will be invited to the Leadership Summit on Sept. 15 at 8:30 a.m., a seminar in which they will receive leadership training for six hours.

“Our goal is to stimulate more student leadership around school,” Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church said.

Invitations will be sent out  to students by mail.

In an effort to further expand student government, new forms or student council are also being considered.

Head of School Dr. Jeanne Huybrechts proposed the formation of a student leadership council to accompany the already standing Prefect Council.

This potential program has the same purpose as the Leadership Summit, for, if approved, members would be students who have already demonstrated leadership at school.

“We’re trying to provide more leadership opportunities so more kids will get involved and learn important leadership skills,” Head Prefect Wesley Yip ’08 said.

Along with the Leadership Summit and prospective Student Leadership Council, there will also be an increase in student government meetings.

Unlike last year’s schedule of one meeting per week, prefects will gather three to four times a week to discuss campus issues.

“We’ve seen amazing individual acts of leadership and greatness, and we just want to take that to a broader scale and give them more support,” Church said.