Survivor Winners at War breakdown: Episode 11


Jaidev Pant

Welcome to the weekly Survivor: Winners at War breakdown and award ceremony, our sixth of the year. This week we are not joined by Kyle Reims, who is still devastated by the Sophie elimination. With an entertaining tribal council and one of the best single-episode performances ever, we have a lot to talk about.

Most Valuable Player: Given to the player who contributed the most to this episode

Pant: I think that this has to be the second ever unanimous MVP vote. He dominated the episode and had a record 18 confessionals tonight. Tony had a performance that was one for an ages, capped off with a stunning blindside that took out Kyle’s godfather pick. Every move he made was the right move and he still managed to keep his immunity idol, while blindsiding arguably the best player in the game up to that point. Twitter is comparing it to Michael Jordan’s 63 point game(I personally would not go that far) and boy does he deserve it. Congratulations to Tony, who moved up in the Survivor all time rankings. 

Least Valuable Player: Given to the player who receives significant screen time and performs the worst

Pant: I’ve respected Sophie all season because of her great gameplay, but the way she reacted to her elimination made her my least valuable player of the week. She could have taken it with some grace and instead threw a semi-hissy fit on screen. I know it’s frustrating to her that she didn’t play her idol, but you gotta to just respect Tony there and move onto Edge. Because she did not play her idol this episode, she is the least valuable player. With that said, I think she could do some things on Edge and am excited to see her there. 

Most Improved: Given to the player who boosted their stock most from last episode

Pant: I don’t know if this really counts, but Jeremy boosted his stock even more from last episode and is the most improved player. Obviously, we all knew Jeremy was going to be eliminated if he did not play that advantage, but hearing the confirmation of this thought proved what a good player he is. Additionally, he flipped his elimination this week to a Sophie after making the right decision and playing with Tony. Not only that, he now has Tony as his meat-shield, putting him is a better position than he was at the beginning of the episode. A MVP most weeks, great job Jeremy. 

Current Godfather: Given to the player who is pulling the most strings and in the best position to succeed

Pant: For the third week in a row, Tony is my godfather on the island. There isn’t really much to say at this point. He has the idol, he has his people and just took down Kyle’s godfather. Although it is technically 4-4 alliance wise, I think that Ben and Sarah aren’t really that tight and Ben could totally flee toward Tony, giving him the clear advantage there. I believe he is the only one left with an idol, making him the most powerful person in the game right now. Honorable mention to Kyle’s freezing cold take regarding Sophie as the godfather: “Queen stays queen, and with Sandra out, Sophie reigns supreme.”

Out next week: Given to the player we think will be eliminated next week

Pant: Based off the previews, it sounds like we are getting into a Sarah/Kim war vs. Tony. I think that Tony will play the idol properly and I think Kim will avoid elimination just because she will win at all costs. If Sarah is actually “done” with Tony, then I think she will go home just because I think her and Ben can split and she’s losing her numbers. If Sarah somehow survives, then I think maybe Ben will go home next week. 

Join us next week as we inch closer and closer to the finale!