Prefects urge unity and participation

Ahead of us is a new year that is filled with opportunities and has the potential to be great.  This gives us infinite possibilities to build on our successes from last year and create a community that is even stronger. 

We, as the newly named Prefect Council, aim to do this by collaborating with the leaders from all over the school and incorporating new ones as well, to help expand leadership throughout the student body.  The more students that we have involved, the closer our community becomes because each student has a part in deciding how our school evolves. 

Besides a closer-knit community, we will also have more minds and resources to plan more successful events and develop further reaching projects. 

Individual student leaders have been able to plan magnificent events such as Fashion for Action or raise large sums of money for charitable organizations such as the Smile Train.  If these ambitious students can accomplish so much on their own, together, the possibilities are endless.
With a blank slate ahead of us, we encourage students to take the initiative within the community and exercise their ability to lead. 

This way, everyone has the chance to grow and mature into a leader as part of his or her experience at Harvard-Westlake.

­­— Tasia Smith and Wesley Yip