UCLA Library books availablee to AP students

AP students can check out books from the UCLA library. This program lets AP students check out books from the undergraduate library on the UCLA campus when the books are not available at the Upper School. The privileges are only for the undergraduate library, not for any of the other libraries at UCLA. The library at UCLA has a list of current Harvard-Westlake AP students and if students have a photo ID, they can receive a library card. With the library card, students may check out up to five books from the library. Students can also use the database in the undergrad library, which can be very useful in research papers and other assignments.

The library has around 200,000 books and 700 periodical subscriptions in a wide range of subjects. Books from the library can be checked out for up to 2 weeks and are renewable online, if there are no holds on them. Periodicals cannot be checked out, but they can be photocopied for 10 cents a page using a “copicard.”

The program has been in effect for a few years, but was used on a one-to-one basis. Librarians helping AP students would tell them of the program only when they could not find a book, so it was not a widely known program.

“We have always told students who were having difficulty finding material for their research about this program.” Maureen Frank, an US librarian said. “This is the first time I made a direct appeal to the faculty to promote the program.