Alumnus featured on medical shows

“Diagnosis X”, a real life medical drama on TLC, recently featured Dr. Zach Lutsky ’93 on the episode “Family Secrets”.

The episode originally aired on Sept. 12th, and was a reenactment of a case that Lutsky had during his residency. A “once in a career case,” as Lutsky calls it, the episode revolved around a soldier who fell gravely ill after returning from the Mideast. The case dealt with an extremely rare autoimmune disease. The disease, in essence, attacked tiny blood vessels within the body.

The show portrays dramatic reenactments of difficult medical cases, with characters represented by real physicians in addition to regular actors.

An emergency room physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, Lutsky has been an active doctor for five years. He has worked on different medical dramas such as “Untold Stories of the ER” on TLC, and is currently working on a temporary basis as a medical advisor for “Diagnosis X” and the popular NBC drama “ER”.