Varsity water polo loses against Foothill

Varsity Men’s Water Polo lost 9-8 to Foothill High School last Thursday in overtime, despite numerous goals by James McNamara ’10 and Billy Evashwick ’08.  The team’s record is now 3-5.  The next game against Loyola is the first league game.

Foothill led the game 5-0 in the first quarter.  The Wolverines made an impressive comeback in the second and third quarters after McNamara’s goal, tying the score going into halftime.  At the end of the fourth quarter, the score was still tied and the game went into overtime. Goals included a lob shot by Evashwick and breakaways by Alexander Popof ’10 and Maxx Bricklin ‘09.  Foothill scored in the last two minutes of overtime for the 9-8 victory.     

“If it weren’t for the first quarter, we would have won,” says Ian Fisher ’08, “But we came back and fought well.”