Students sound off on Fanatic Fest

Senior linebacker Jakarri Hamlin ’08 said that he €œis very excited” about Saturday’€™s upcoming Homecoming match vs. Serra. Hamlin said that for the first time “Homecoming will matter. We’€™ll be playing at home, and under the lights for the first ever Homecoming, which will be really cool.” All festivities aside, Hamlin said that the Serra game is a very important one. “€œWe beat them last year, but they’re a good team and they’€™ll be coming at us hard, trying to get revenge.”

Casper Stockwell ’10 is a big supporter of Spirit Week leading up to Saturday’€™s Homecoming. Although he didn’€™t hear about Spirit Week before coming to the Upper School, he now believes that “Spirit Week’€™s a blast and it happens during my birthday, which makes it an extra blast.”€ The spirit and festivities of the week positively impact Stockwell’s classes. “€œIt spices up the day at school and periods fly by,” he said. However, he hasn’t been very spirited and only wore a red sweatshirt on the first day when sophomores were encouraged to dress in red. Stockwell is even more excited for Homecoming, which he says takes Spirit Week to the weekend. Having turned 16 today, he is hopefully earning his license tomorrow and will therefore be able to drive to Homecoming. This will only amplify his excitement when he arrives at school and meets up with his friends. While fondly envisioning the Saturday to come, he exclaimed, “€œI’€™m so excited for the new lights. Oh yes!”

Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra is “impressed with the enthusiasm that students have shown.” Salamandra said that it is “€œfortunate to have people who are doers, people who can get the job done.” He said that the primary contributors among the students to the events are the Fanatics and the Prefect Council.

Claire Soley ’09 is one of several active and spirited students participating in Pre-Homecoming celebrations. “€œI love Spirit Week! I think it really brings us together as a community,”€ said Soley. She added with a soft chuckle, “€œI’€™m so weird. I’€™ve dressed up every day. I got so into ’80s Day!”€ Tomorrow she will continue to celebrate this year’s Homecoming by dressing up for the Junior Occupation Day as a Pinkberry worker. “Everyone has to dress up in school colors for the football game!”€ said Soley. She thinks the ferris wheel and new field lights will add to the excitement “Homecoming is such an important event at our school because it unites the campus and reminds everyone why they love this school,” she said.

With Spirit Week coming to an end, students and faculty around the school are preparing for Homecoming this Saturday.

Sophomore and varsity Basketball player, Austin Kelly said, “€œI think spirit week should have more activities and more food.”€

Kimo Thorpe, a junior who is a member of the varsity football team, said Homecoming is “€œReally exciting; a big week for the whole school.”

Tennyson Turner, a sophomore on the football team, said that “€œThe football team isn’€™t able to enjoy homecoming because the game interrupts it.”