Students get fanatic

Fanatic Fest began today on Ted Slavin field with water balloons, pie eating and tug-of-war. Eight students raced to finish their pies, hands tied behind their back, to an audience of screaming students decked out in red, white and black.

To the side of the field, students dunked science teacher Christopher Dartt, upper school dean Jon Wimbish and Matthew Krumpe ’08.

Around them, students chased their victims in the Gotcha game, brandishing orange fluorescent stickers. The Gotcha game is school-wide this year.

In the middle of the field, water balloons were carefully tossed by students trying to win the balloon-toss competition. The tossing soon evolved into full-on water balloon warfare.

While senior prefect Hannah Moody ’07 directed the competition, Patrick Hibler ’07 ran up behind her and smashed a water balloon in the middle of her back.

The black-clad seniors won tug-of-war against sophomore boys in less than five minutes, thus ending the first day of Fanatic Fest.

Tuesday’s theme is the 80s.

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