School Reopening Task Force releases tentative plan

Sandra Koretz

The School Reopening Task Force released a new, tentative plan via email July 6 designed to implement a safe return to school for students, faculty and staff. The school plans to partially hold some classes on campus in a rotating model based on grade levels, according to the email. Coming to campus will be optional, and all classes will continue to be held over Zoom.

Students will be required to complete a health screening on a daily basis in order to maintain the safety of their peers. In addition, everyone on campus will need to wear protective face masks. Classroom layouts will also be altered in order to allow students to sit six feet apart from each other, according to the email.

In the email addressed to parents, the school said it will institute an adaptable and comprehensive model to allow for a safe return to campus.

“In our planning process, flexibility of approach has been an essential component, and so our plans are adjustable depending on the current health circumstances in our city and school,” the school’s statement said.

In addition to the email, the school sent a survey to parents asking about their feelings on returning to campus and their plans for their children to commute next year.