Middle School actors rehearse fall comedy

Rehearsals for the middle school play “The Curse of Ravensdurn” are underway. The play will be performed Nov. 15-18 in the Great Hall.

The play, written by Nick Hall, is a comedy about the mishaps of a family haunted by an ancient curse. Technical Director Grant Gorrell chose the play because “it was high time for a good laugh.” The play features more than 30 students. 

Auditions began in September and were open to all middle school students. At the auditions, each student read a monologue and a scene from the audition packet.

“Mr. Gorrell gave a lot of critiques in the audition,” Tess Hatch ’11 said.  “I found it really helpful because it tested the variation of my acting skills.”

Nearly 75 percent of the students who auditioned earned a spot in the play, Gorrell said.
“Rehearsals are really rewarding and a lot of fun,” Jamie Feiler ’12 said.  

The play also presents an opportunity for students who are not actors to be active behind the scenes for the show.

“Students from the Stagecraft class have already been working on the set and will be creating props for the show over the next few weeks,” Gorrell said.    “They will also be running the show from a technical perspective: lights, sound and special effects.”

There will be student ushers at the four performances, selling tickets and helping direct audience members to their seats.

“It’s very different and I think it will turn out fun,” Hatch said.

“For the past few weeks, I have been looking forward to the end of the school day, not so I can rush out of here and go home, but because I really enjoy working with the students involved in this project and we are having a lot of fun bringing it to life,” Gorrell said.

Tickets are available at www.hw.com/boxoffice.