Prefect Council reworks meetings

With Fanatic Fest over, the Prefect Council is focusing on maintaining public meetings. The next open meeting is this Friday. Although several scheduled meetings never occurred, they were not cancelled, Head Prefects Tasia Smith ’08 and Wesley Yip ’08 said. 

The meetings were intended to increase transparency and to get the community more involved in student government, Yip said. 

“It didn’t exactly turn out the way we wanted it to,” he said.

Prefects hoped for at least 40 attendees the first week, but only about 20 showed up. The next week there were 10 people, the next week five.

In three weeks, spirit and support for public meetings waned, and the exact time and date for open meetings began to become unclear, Smith said.

Earlier in the year, when the meetings were more widely attended, discussions were focused on approving new clubs before the Activities Fair.

 Although students were welcome to observe, granting new clubs is limited to the Prefect Council. However, prefects may take comments into consideration. 

“Our goal is to establish and maintain the attendance of as many students as possible for each of the public Prefect Council meetings,” Yip said.