Serra fans rummage through students’ bags

Two Serra High School fans were caught rummaging through students’ belongings while visiting the Harvard-Westlake campus for Homecoming on Oct. 27, Director of Inter-Campus Security Kevin Giberson said.
The fans, who came as spectators of the varsity football game, were seen looking through gym bags strewn along the southern exterior of Taper Gymnasium by a Harvard-Westlake parent.
Upon being observed, the pair fled southbound on Coldwater Canyon on foot. Giberson and CJL security personnel were alerted and followed them.
The two were caught at the corner of Hacienda Avenue and Coldwater, adjacent to the St. Michael’s parking lot.
Giberson notified Serra administrators present at the football game and learned from the vice principal that the two were students at Serra. 
“The two ultimately told us that they were searching for valuables in the bags, but did not find anything,” Giberson said.
The underage boys returned to campus for the remainder of the game under the supervision of Serra administrators and parents.
Giberson recalls several instances of theft on campus in recent years.
“It’s a shame that this is happening in our community,” he said. “We just need to take caution.”
He urges student athletes to use lockers designated for gym bags on the east side of Taper Gymnasium.
The school installed the lockers six years ago as a method of preventing theft, yet Giberson observed that either many are unaware of the athletic lockers, or more lockers need to be placed along Taper. 
“I’m happy that [students] can feel safe, but if someone leaves valuables in an unattended bag from sophomore year to senior year, they are bound to get stolen,” Giberson said.