Cross country looks forward to CIF Meet

The girls’ cross country team scraped its way into second place last Tuesday against Flintridge Sacred Heart and Louisville at league finals. The victory pushed the team into third place in the Mission League.

The boys’ cross country team took second place in league behind its toughest competitor, Loyola.

The girls’ squad’s victory last week ensured a place for the team in the CIF preliminaries.
The boys’ team’s 4-0 league record has given it confidence leading into CIF preliminaries.
“We will go into CIF preliminaries easy. Then it’s just how hard we are willing to work,” co-captain Matthew Krumpe ’08 said.

The boys’ team, however, has had to make some changes in their hopes to make the state finals.

“What has changed is the way we are training,” Krumpe said. “I know a lot of us have been really tired and exhausted, and we realized it’s because we are overtraining and not getting enough rest.”

Both teams have been plagued by injuries. The boys’ team has changed its training strategy so as to prevent further injuries to its runners.

They had been running too much too often and not resting enough in between sessions.
“Aches and pains develop in this time of year, which creates injuries,” boys’ Head Coach Geoff Bird added.

The boys’ team has changed its training program in order to meet the demands of CIF.

It has been focusing more on the individual in order to create a stronger group of runners.
The period in between now and CIF has given the team a chance to reccver from injuries as the squad looks forward to a chance to take the state title.