Foil squad competes in tournament

Chronicle Staff

The fencing team competed in an individual foil tournament Nov. 17 at Monroe High School in North Hills, but none of the fencers made the medal round.

Coach Ted Katzoff was not upset about the results of the tournament. He explained that the numerous new fencers on the team are in the early developing stages of their careers.

 “There are so many new people on the team, and only a couple of experienced players who did well in the tournament,” Katzoff said. “Right now we’re developing in terms of foil.”

Daniel Lee ’08, one of the more experienced foil squad members, did stand out at the tournament.
Unfortunately, he was injured later that month and has not yet returned to practice with the team.

Katzoff hopes that Lee will return 100 percent and will be able to jump back into practices. The next foil tournament will take place in March, which gives Lee some time to recover.

Katzoff has been working with the team on footwork, timing and weapon precision during practices.
The team is part of the Scholastic League, which was co-founded by Katzoff in 1993. Katzoff has been with the team for several years, and has led the team to several league championships.